Frameless Shower Doors

Glass frameless shower doors complete the looks of bathrooms with a luxurious touch. Bathrooms are used for a range of purposes, such as showering, shaving, brushing, bathing and even application of makeup, making it a necessity to have a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in this important room of any home. It is no wonder bathrooms are considered the most important, not just by the ancient Romans, but also every household globally.

Imperial Glass TX can design and install frameless shower doors and enclosures that will act as the focal point of the bathroom, transforming it into a haven of luxury and beauty. In framed shower doors, metals are used to cover the edges of glass all round and to reinforce it. The structural integrity of glass doors is maintained using frames because they are very thin, usually their thickness ranges between 1/8” – 3/16; these kinds of glass are normally very cheap. Unlike frameless doors of showers, framed doors are less durable, easily gather scum of soap and water on the crevices of metals, hence resulting in corrosion and/or mildew building up in the bathroom.

Frames are not needed in frameless shower doors because they are made using tempered glass with a thickness ranging between 3/8” and ½”. As a result, these kind of doors are sound in structure and very sturdy, hence very durable. With more use of glass and no use of metals in the bathroom, they become brighter as more natural light flows in to create an appealing and open interior space. Moreover, homes get to enjoy a touch of style, luxury and elegance with the installation of shower doors that are not framed.

We design frameless shower doors for use in bathtub screens as well as stand alone showers. Some of the options we avail to customers with this kind of glass door include inline doors that only cover a single side of the showers and a bathtub or shower covered all round by four panels of glass. We stock glass panels that are neo-angled that features 3 glass panels with the center panel used as the door into the shower; this kind of glass door can easily be installed in the corner of a bathroom, especially when it is tight on available space.

Customers have a range of glass types in our stock to select from, such as glass that is low in iron, clear glass, rain glass, frosted glass, grey glass and bronze glass, among many others. Frameless shower doors are just one of the many ways for homeowners to reflect their personality and artistic sides into their interior spaces. In order to design a bathroom that is luxurious and comfortable, granite, tiles and marble can also be used to add depth and take the looks of the room to the next level. The use of towel bars and handles or knobs in the glass shower will create the illusions of beautiful items floating in the space. It is all about being very creative and innovative when it comes to designing bathrooms that reflect the lifestyle and personality of the homeowner, who is our client.

What about our costs? There is no cause for alarm. Although the initial costs of designing and installing glass doors can be quite high, frameless glass doors are much cheaper than their counterparts that are framed. They are easy to clean and due to the thickness of glass used to make them, their durability is improved. This simply means that customers can have bathrooms of high value that look as good as new in many years to come. Therefore, glass doors improve the value of homes in the market and homeowners considering to sell their homes can expect to do so at very good prices.

According to reliable sources, homeowners stand the chance of improving their home value and getting higher returns at a rate of 64.1% (this percentage is multiplied by the cost of renovations or installations to determine the extra amount a homeowner can recoup in case they plan to sell the home). This means that customers can upgrade their bathrooms as a way of increasing their home’s ROI.

Customers stand to gain much more from their bathroom upgrades than the expenses incurred during installations or renovations. This can be a good explanation for the surge in installation of frameless shower doors by homeowners, both in the local Dallas market and globally. Architects, customers (who are the homeowners) and all quality SUPPLIERS have embraced glass doors that are frameless as they are the latest trends in the home design market.

So, customers have no reason for not upgrading their old bathrooms into a room that is luxurious and stylish with such great glass products in our stock and the market at large. Customers constructing their homes can also consider these great shower options for their bathrooms. With our experts ready to receive orders from clients and attend to their needs, the process of installing glass doors is very easy on the part of the client because we take care of all their needs from the word go. With a blissful atmosphere in the bathroom that is very relaxing, customers are guaranteed great experiences in their interior spaces. They can soothe, refresh and energize their bodies and minds in such a calm environment after retiring from a long day’s work in the office.

When your bathroom is harboring bacteria and growing mold, it is time to upgrade to frameless shower doors. All you have to do is contact us for more information or request a quote. Our expert and friendly staff will attend to you.