Glass Doors and Mirror Frames

We provide both residential and commercial installations of glass doors and mirror frames.

Residential Glass Doors and Mirror Frames

Glass Doors

We use either laminated or tempered glass to design glass doors for safety reasons. For homeowners who need to improve the efficiency of energy in their homes, we use insulated glass for installations. Imperial Glass TX matches the needs of clients with the available types of glass in our store in Dallas in order to pick the most suitable design. An attractive bathroom can have its glass door or shower enclosure as the main point of focus. Glass is not just attractive, but also allows natural light into the bathroom. For custom glass doors, we provide the expertise needed in choosing appropriate designs and installations.

We can inspect glass doors, windows as well as screens of residential homes to help save clients stress, time and even money. This is due to the fact that it is time consuming tracking down manufacturers to replace old glass doors and windows, leading to unnecessary expenses. Imperial Glass TX can inspect and then replace old glass without tampering with the existing frames; we leave them intact.

Frameless glass doors can be used to add elegance and functionality to residential homes. We have been installing shower enclosures into homes since 2001. The thickness of glass doors vary with some being ½” and 3/8” with their application depending on the customer’s requirements, needs and style. They are available mainly in three main forms: obscure, clear or even Starphire ultra glass. Glass doors improve the looks of homes, come in various designs and styles, and increase the value of the home.

Mirror Frames

Mirrors provide an excellent way of giving homes and businesses a unique yet exciting look. At Imperial Glass TX, we do not just sell custom mirrors, but also frame them as desired by a client. Decorative mirrors can make interior spaces appear brighter and bigger due to light reflections. We give the interior spaces of residential homes a fresh and clean look with a modern touch using any of the various mirrors we design. Some of the kind of mirrors that can be used to accentuate interior spaces include vanity, door, wall, framed and beveled. They are available in various sizes customized for different clients and uses. We have an excellent reputation in the market not just for our mirror installations and repair services, but also in other glass services we offer.

Imperial Glass TX can help customers transform their sliding or bifold doors of closets into mirror doors both for functionality and enhanced decorative appearance. Mirror doors can either be frameless or framed, depending on the client’s taste and choice. However, we can also use the existing frames of a door when designing custom sliding mirror doors. We also specialize in designing walls made of pure glass, commonly known as mirror walls. Beveled mirrors can transform a room into a haven of innovation and creativity. Apart from customizing the sizes of our mirrors, we provide them to clients at affordable costs. Our range of mirror frames from Italy is tailored according a client’s specifications in order to meet their needs and intended use of the product.