Shower Door Enclosures

enclosure1We provide shower door enclosures in different finishes and styles to suit every home décor out there. Whether a home owner wishes for a decorative glass texture that is patterned or clear glass, the choices are unlimited. To help customers visualize the door enclosure they wish to have in their shower, we help them by providing them with suggestions of available options. In order to accentuate shower stalls, we sell an array of shower hardware, such as towel bars, hinges or even door handles made of metals, but given different finishes. Moreover, we can help convert an ordinary shower to a beautiful yet graceful enclosure that is solid and made of glass. Benefits of Solid Glass Shower Door Enclosures There are several benefits of a solid glass enclosure, such as ease of cleaning and maintenance, improved aesthetic appearance of the bathroom, efficient use of space in the bathroom and addition of the home’s value in the property market. Top Notch Craftsmanship In order to prevent leakages, taking precise measurements is an integral part of installing either the glass doors of showers or door enclosures. We have craftsmen who are experts in their line of work; they ensure that showers are precisely fitted with glass enclosures during installations after taking its exact measurements. The shower size and specs is not just matched before installation, but also during the installation process to ensure that the accuracy of the measurements is maintained. Our craftsmen apply this standard of quality control during all kind of installations they undertake, whether they involve single glass doors or surround screens. We guarantee top notch craftsmanship for all kind of installations involving either frameless or framed glass designs. Custom Shower Door Enclosures With custom installation of door enclosures, home builders and owners have several advantages at their disposal as described above. Moreover, all our installations come with a warranty and customers are guaranteed optimal results, in addition to reliable services and support they can depend on. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the most from our expertise in installing glass shower enclosures for 100% satisfaction. All our services are only a phone call away. We are glad to discuss your requirements and options for your next project, including choice of finishes, trim colors, texture of glass and shower door hardware. Investment in shower door enclosures that are custom-made is worthwhile not just in terms of comfort, but also as it improves the value of the home. Imperial Glass TX has specialized workers who are dedicated, experienced and well trained to help customers attain their goal of taking bathrooms or showers to the next level. Our services are available in Dallas, TX for both residential and commercial property owners.