Shower Door Hardware

Imperial Glass TX uses shower door hardware both in residential and commercial buildings. We provide an array of products designed for frameless and framed door systems of showers. Hardware products for the doors of showers include sets of hinges and handles, hinges, handles and pulls, glass clamps, thresholds, u-channel, towel bars, knobs, hardware for sliding showers of doors, shower door kits as well as designer accessories.

Selection of hardware style should complement, match or contrast that of the bathroom and house at large. The hardware for shower doors should be chosen to complement that of existing hardware in the bathroom, like handles and faucets, among others. Apart from decor, they can also match various home design styles, such as traditional, modern, eclectic, Victoria, contemporary or even hippy, among many more.

A list of Shower Hardware we provide

  • Shower Door Knobs
  • Finishes shower and cabinet handles
  • Glass Clips
  • Towel Bars
  • Hindges
  • Shower Door Handles
  • Shower Grab Bars
  • Textured Shower Glass

Depending on the customer’s preferred choice, desire as well as personality and tastes, a suitable pattern or texture of glass is chosen. In order to attain the client’s need for an attractive and safe shower, door hardware must be chosen appropriately. The thickness of the glass determines the right hardware to be chosen and installed on the door of the shower.

Design Considerations

When designing shower door hardware, there are several considerations to keep in mind. They apply to all kinds of glass shower installations.

  • Glass to glass hinges should not be fixed panels and hinge doors should be fixed on secure panels.
  • Adhere to the weight and capacity standards set in the industry by manufacturers.
  • Use straight wall edges when installing mount hinges.
  • Taking precautions when installing a combination of glass to glass and wall mount hinges.
  • Utilize standard wall mount hinges for neo-angle installations.

Types of Shower Door Hardware

We sell various kinds of hardware for door showers as mentioned before. They come in all sorts of colors or finishes, designs, styles, shapes and sizes to match any home decor and suit the specific job to be done.

Glass Shower Door Hinges

Our glass door hinges are made of solid materials for quality and durability. Some of the finishes customers can choose from include chrome plated, gold plated, nickel plated, brass plated, PVD, P&L or even S&L, among many others. The shapes of door hinges can be round, square, sharp or even rectangular in design to suit the tastes and preferences of different customers. They vary in size and can be used with glass thickness ranging from 8 to 12 mm and 800 mm in width. Glass shower door hinges can be fixed from wall to glass, glass to glass or even designed for flexibility by being adjustable.

Glass Shower Door Handles and Pulls

Handles and pulls allow homeowners to either open or close shower doors. They also come in a range of finishes, styles, designs and sizes to select from. These shower door hardware are handheld and given quality finishes that will accentuate bathrooms and add a soft touch to them.

Towel Bars and Knobs

Towel bars, just like other kinds of hardware, come in different finishes, designs as well as sizes. They are both functional to hold towels and decorative to enhance the appearance of the shower door and bathroom. Door knobs are handheld just like handles, but are circular in shape.

Whether a client chooses a knob, pull or handle for their shower door, we have the expertise needed to get the job done to satisfaction. We will install all shower door hardware to perfection and we guarantee customers will love what they see.