Shower Glass Doors

Elegant yet affordable shower doors is what we provide

Shower glass doors are chosen by customers for several reasons. We provide both remodelling and replacement of old doors in the bathrooms of clients, in addition to installations in newly built homes. Our glass doors are an excellent option for homeowners, not just because they are easy to clean, but because they add elegance in the interior paces of bathrooms. For homeowners who are not sure about the specific kind of glass door that will fit into their home and satisfy their needs, our experts will walk with them through the selection process all steps of the way.

Why Tempered Glass?

Our shower glass doors are made of tempered glass because of the range of benefits that come with its use. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process known as heat treatment after removal from the furnace. The significance of the process of heat treatment is the fact that it improves the strength of glass material. For example, tempered glass is not just resistant to heat and can hardly crack, but when compared to standard glass, it is many times stronger.

Cracking and shattering of glass makes them very hazardous to humans. The heat treatment process helps eliminate these risky properties of glass to render tempered glass very safe. This is the reason glass doors have increasingly become very popular both in residential and commercial properties. Tempered glass doors are among the highest quality doors available in the market.

Frosted Shower Glass Doors

Fogged or frosted glass is also popular in the market among homeowners. This kind of glass is not transparent, making it a perfect option for customers looking for more security and private while using their showers. They are high in density and available in various styles and designs to choose from. With frosted shower glass doors installed by Imperial Glass TX, people outside the shower cannot see what is happening on the inside because these kinds of glass are translucent.

Door Frames

We install glass doors that are either framed or frameless and sell the same. Aluminium or steel metals are used to frame thin glass used to make shower doors in order to reinforce their strength and provide support. Unlike frameless glass doors, those that are framed are attractive, and very stylish. Although frameless designs are simple, they are very luxurious and also stylish. The minimalist nature of frameless glass doors make them perfect for modern interiors and bathrooms with tight spaces.

Glass Panels and Thickness

Glass panels are the main components of shower glass doors, hence must be chosen carefully. A good glass panel is of high quality, strength, durability and suits the needs of the customers that are functional and aesthetic in nature. The performance and strength of glass used to make doors is totally dependent on its thickness. Thickness also influences the look of doors for a stylish and attractive touch. Thin glass is weaker and less attractive than thick glass. The most common measurements of glass thickness in the market considered optimal are 3/8”, ½” and ¼”. The specific kind of glass chosen is dependent on the client’s specifications, existing interior decor and the functionality to be attained. There is no better way of adding glam into bathrooms than installing glass doors to the showers.

The Finishing Touch

Shower glass doors are designed to match or complement the existing color theme and decor in the interior spaces. Manufacturers develop glass with over 40 color shades to select from. Moreover, the shower door hardware also comes in a range of shades to go with the chosen glass door of choice. Whether one is looking to accentuate their bathroom with silver, golden, nickel or even shiny touches, they will be spoilt for choice. The paint finishes given to glass doors are various to match every kind of design style out there. Anodised finishes are available in nickel, silver and gold finishes. Gold and nickel finishes can have a touch of brass. Whether customers opt for the antique yet classic glass doors, or those that are trendy yet simple, they are guaranteed improved appearance of their interiors with a touch of glam and elegance for an effect that is welcoming.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Imperial Glass TX provides custom services to our clients for all the services we offer. We understand that every customer is unique and thus their interests, tastes, style, preferences as well as needs can never be the same. Therefore, in order to satisfy their needs and meet their individual requirements, we tailor our glass doors according to their specifications. Our custom shower doors are the optimal choice of our Dallas customers.  We have many happy customers who are a true testament to our great glass products and services.

Whether you want new glass shower door installations, repairs, replacements or even remodelling, we are your one-stop store for all your glass needs. Contact us today for more information or visit our physical store in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our experienced staff will attend to you and answer all your queries or provide you with the solutions you need for your next shower project.