Glass Shower Doors.

When designing bathrooms, there are several elements that should be considered. It must have an efficient toilet, stylish basin, and to complete the look, an attractive glass shower door & enclosure. While it seems like a simple task, designers have to pour in a lot of time to get the right design of the bathroom, which is one of the most used rooms in a residential or commercial property. It is an essential space, and its elements must be stylish and durable at the same time. Over the years, designers have steered away of the standard shower curtain as partition for the shower area to the rest of the bathroom and have opted for a glass shower door enclosure. More bathrooms these days are utilizing them as the primary choice. Modern bathroom designs use frameless glass shower doors. It is ideal for people looking for a minimalist approach to containing shower water while still keeping an elegant look. It provides a seamless look that is created by the smooth glass panels.

Shower door enclosures can be installed in an instant. Once the tile work of the bathroom is completed, the glass door installers can come in and do their job. The panels are pre-cut at their facility and the only thing need to be done on the site is to install the glass panels. Maintenance is also a breeze with a glass shower door enclosures. If you went for the frameless variant, then there’s no need to worry about cleaning muck and grime off the frames. The glass is easy to clean with a simple glass cleaner and rug. Glass doors will cut the time to clean the bathroom. A shower curtain makes any luxurious bathroom look cheap. While they do get the job done, architects and interior designers these days are staying away from them. Plus, shower curtains are hard to maintain. They need to be cleaned or replaced every couple of months.

Glass shower doors provide more flexibility with bathroom design. They can be clear to maintain the minimalist look or go for frosted glass to provide some privacy while showering. The glass used in the bathroom can be tinted to any color and tempered according to the specifications of the client. Designs can be engraved on the glass in order to create a distinctive design. Some people are afraid that the glass is too fragile to use in a wet environment. Installers, such as Imperial Glass TX, use laminated or tempered glass that is durable as wood or metal. They wouldn’t crack easily due to the wear and tear of daily use. Glass shower door enclosures can give the room a sense of style and sophistication. Most hotels have installed them because they create a chic atmosphere inside the bathroom. These are the reasons why you should call Imperial Glass TX today and let them show you how glass doors can help complete the look of your bathrooms.
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Shower Glass Doors.

Shower glass doors are chosen by customers for several reasons. We provide both remodelling and replacement of old doors in the bathrooms of clients, in addition to installations in newly built homes. Our glass doors are an excellent option for homeowners, not just because they are easy to clean, but because they add elegance in the interior paces of bathrooms. For homeowners who are not sure about the specific kind of glass door that will fit into their home and satisfy their needs, our experts will walk with them through the selection process all steps of the way.

Why Tempered Glass?

Our shower glass doors are made of tempered glass because of the range of benefits that come with its use. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process known as heat treatment after removal from the furnace. The significance of the process of heat treatment is the fact that it improves the strength of glass material. For example, tempered glass is not just resistant to heat and can hardly crack, but when compared to standard glass, it is many times stronger. Cracking and shattering of glass makes them very hazardous to humans. The heat treatment process helps eliminate these risky properties of glass to render tempered glass very safe. This is the reason glass doors have increasingly become very popular both in residential and commercial properties. Tempered glass doors are among the highest quality doors available in the market.

Frosted Shower Glass Doors

Fogged or frosted glass is also popular in the market among homeowners. This kind of glass is not transparent, making it a perfect option for customers looking for more security and private while using their showers. They are high in density and available in various styles and designs to choose from. With frosted shower glass doors installed by Imperial Glass TX, people outside the shower cannot see what is happening on the inside because these kinds of glass are translucent.

Door Frames

We install glass doors that are either framed or frameless and sell the same. Aluminium or steel metals are used to frame thin glass used to make shower doors in order to reinforce their strength and provide support. Unlike frameless glass doors, those that are framed are attractive, and very stylish. Although frameless designs are simple, they are very luxurious and also stylish. The minimalist nature of frameless glass doors make them perfect for modern interiors and bathrooms with tight spaces.

Glass Panels and Thickness

Glass panels are the main components of shower glass doors, hence must be chosen carefully. A good glass panel is of high quality, strength, durability and suits the needs of the customers that are functional and aesthetic in nature. The performance and strength of glass used to make doors is totally dependent on its thickness. Thickness also influences the look of doors for a stylish and attractive touch. Thin glass is weaker and less attractive than thick glass. The most common measurements of glass thickness in the market considered optimal are 3/8”, ½” and ¼”. The specific kind of glass chosen is dependent on the client’s specifications, existing interior decor and the functionality to be attained. There is no better way of adding glam into bathrooms than installing glass doors to the showers.

The Finishing Touch

Shower glass doors are designed to match or complement the existing color theme and decor in the interior spaces. Manufacturers develop glass with over 40 color shades to select from. Moreover, the shower door hardware also comes in a range of shades to go with the chosen glass door of choice. Whether one is looking to accentuate their bathroom with silver, golden, nickel or even shiny touches, they will be spoilt for choice. The paint finishes given to glass doors are various to match every kind of design style out there. Anodised finishes are available in nickel, silver and gold finishes. Gold and nickel finishes can have a touch of brass. Whether customers opt for the antique yet classic glass doors, or those that are trendy yet simple, they are guaranteed improved appearance of their interiors with a touch of glam and elegance for an effect that is welcoming.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Imperial Glass TX provides custom services to our clients for all the services we offer. We understand that every customer is unique and thus their interests, tastes, style, preferences as well as needs can never be the same. Therefore, in order to satisfy their needs and meet their individual requirements, we tailor our glass doors according to their specifications. Our custom shower doors are the optimal choice of our Dallas customers. We have many happy customers who are a true testament to our great glass products and services.

Whether you want new glass shower door installations, repairs, replacements or even remodelling, we are your one-stop store for all your glass needs. Contact us today for more information or visit our physical store in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our experienced staff will attend to you and answer all your queries or provide you with the solutions you need for your next shower project.
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Shower Door Enclousures

We provide shower door enclosures in different finishes and styles to suit every home décor out there. Whether a home owner wishes for a decorative glass texture that is patterned or clear glass, the choices are unlimited. To help customers visualize the door enclosure they wish to have in their shower, we help them by providing them with suggestions of available options. In order to accentuate shower stalls, we sell an array of shower hardware, such as towel bars, hinges or even door handles made of metals, but given different finishes. Moreover, we can help convert an ordinary shower to a beautiful yet graceful enclosure that is solid and made of glass.

Benefits of Solid Glass Shower Door Enclosures There are several benefits of a solid glass enclosure, such as ease of cleaning and maintenance, improved aesthetic appearance of the bathroom, efficient use of space in the bathroom and addition of the home’s value in the property market. Top Notch Craftsmanship In order to prevent leakages, taking precise measurements is an integral part of installing either the glass doors of showers or door enclosures. We have craftsmen who are experts in their line of work; they ensure that showers are precisely fitted with glass enclosures during installations after taking its exact measurements. The shower size and specs is not just matched before installation, but also during the installation process to ensure that the accuracy of the measurements is maintained. Our craftsmen apply this standard of quality control during all kind of installations they undertake, whether they involve single glass doors or surround screens.

We guarantee top notch craftsmanship for all kind of installations involving either frameless or framed glass designs. Custom Shower Door Enclosures With custom installation of door enclosures, home builders and owners have several advantages at their disposal as described above. Moreover, all our installations come with a warranty and customers are guaranteed optimal results, in addition to reliable services and support they can depend on. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the most from our expertise in installing glass shower enclosures for 100% satisfaction. All our services are only a phone call away. We are glad to discuss your requirements and options for your next project, including choice of finishes, trim colors, texture of glass and shower door hardware. Investment in shower door enclosures that are custom-made is worthwhile not just in terms of comfort, but also as it improves the value of the home. Imperial Glass TX has specialized workers who are dedicated, experienced and well trained to help customers attain their goal of taking bathrooms or showers to the next level. Our services are available in Dallas, TX for both residential and commercial property owners.
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“Modern bathroom designs use frameless glass shower doors. Glass shower doors provide more flexibility with bathroom design. They can be clear to maintain the minimalist look or go for frosted glass to provide some privacy while showering. The glass used in the bathroom can be tinted to any color and tempered according to the specifications of the client. Designs can be engraved on the glass in order to create a distinctive design.”

Frameless Shower Doors

Glass frameless shower doors complete the looks of bathrooms with a luxurious touch. Bathrooms are used for a range of purposes, such as showering, shaving, brushing, bathing and even application of makeup, making it a necessity to have a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in this important room of any home. It is no wonder bathrooms are considered the most important, not just by the ancient Romans, but also every household globally. Imperial Glass TX can design and install frameless shower doors and enclosures that will act as the focal point of the bathroom, transforming it into a haven of luxury and beauty. In framed shower doors, metals are used to cover the edges of glass all round and to reinforce it. The structural integrity of glass doors is maintained using frames because they are very thin, usually their thickness ranges between 1/8” – 3/16; these kinds of glass are normally very cheap. Unlike frameless doors of showers, framed doors are less durable, easily gather scum of soap and water on the crevices of metals, hence resulting in corrosion and/or mildew building up in the bathroom.

Frames are not needed in frameless shower doors because they are made using tempered glass with a thickness ranging between 3/8” and ½”. As a result, these kind of doors are sound in structure and very sturdy, hence very durable. With more use of glass and no use of metals in the bathroom, they become brighter as more natural light flows in to create an appealing and open interior space. Moreover, homes get to enjoy a touch of style, luxury and elegance with the installation of shower doors that are not framed.We design frameless shower doors for use in bathtub screens as well as stand alone showers. Some of the options we avail to customers with this kind of glass door include inline doors that only cover a single side of the showers and a bathtub or shower covered all round by four panels of glass. We stock glass panels that are neo-angled that features 3 glass panels with the center panel used as the door into the shower; this kind of glass door can easily be installed in the corner of a bathroom, especially when it is tight on available space.

Customers have a range of glass types in our stock to select from, such as glass that is low in iron, clear glass, rain glass, frosted glass, grey glass and bronze glass, among many others. Frameless shower doors are just one of the many ways for homeowners to reflect their personality and artistic sides into their interior spaces. In order to design a bathroom that is luxurious and comfortable, granite, tiles and marble can also be used to add depth and take the looks of the room to the next level. The use of towel bars and handles or knobs in the glass shower will create the illusions of beautiful items floating in the space. It is all about being very creative and innovative when it comes to designing bathrooms that reflect the lifestyle and personality of the homeowner, who is our client.

What about our costs? There is no cause for alarm. Although the initial costs of designing and installing glass doors can be quite high, frameless glass doors are much cheaper than their counterparts that are framed. They are easy to clean and due to the thickness of glass used to make them, their durability is improved. This simply means that customers can have bathrooms of high value that look as good as new in many years to come. Therefore, glass doors improve the value of homes in the market and homeowners considering to sell their homes can expect to do so at very good prices.According to reliable sources, homeowners stand the chance of improving their home value and getting higher returns at a rate of 64.1% (this percentage is multiplied by the cost of renovations or installations to determine the extra amount a homeowner can recoup in case they plan to sell the home). This means that customers can upgrade their bathrooms as a way of increasing their home’s ROI.

Customers stand to gain much more from their bathroom upgrades than the expenses incurred during installations or renovations. This can be a good explanation for the surge in installation of frameless shower doors by homeowners, both in the local Dallas market and globally. Architects, customers (who are the homeowners) and all quality SUPPLIERS have embraced glass doors that are frameless as they are the latest trends in the home design market.

So, customers have no reason for not upgrading their old bathrooms into a room that is luxurious and stylish with such great glass products in our stock and the market at large. Customers constructing their homes can also consider these great shower options for their bathrooms. With our experts ready to receive orders from clients and attend to their needs, the process of installing glass doors is very easy on the part of the client because we take care of all their needs from the word go. With a blissful atmosphere in the bathroom that is very relaxing, customers are guaranteed great experiences in their interior spaces. They can soothe, refresh and energize their bodies and minds in such a calm environment after retiring from a long day’s work in the office. When your bathroom is harboring bacteria and growing mold, it is time to upgrade to frameless shower doors. All you have to do is contact us for more information or request a quote. Our expert and friendly staff will attend to you.
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Shower Door Hardware

Imperial Glass TX uses shower door hardware both in residential and commercial buildings. We provide an array of products designed for frameless and framed door systems of showers. Hardware products for the doors of showers include sets of hinges and handles, hinges, handles and pulls, glass clamps, thresholds, u-channel, towel bars, knobs, hardware for sliding showers of doors, shower door kits as well as designer accessories.Selection of hardware style should complement, match or contrast that of the bathroom and house at large. The hardware for shower doors should be chosen to complement that of existing hardware in the bathroom, like handles and faucets, among others. Apart from decor, they can also match various home design styles, such as traditional, modern, eclectic, Victoria, contemporary or even hippy, among many more.

A list of Shower Hardware we provide

Shower Door Knobs
Finishes shower and cabinet handles
Glass Clips
Towel Bars
Shower Door Handles
Shower Grab Bars
Textured Shower Glass

Depending on the customer’s preferred choice, desire as well as personality and tastes, a suitable pattern or texture of glass is chosen. In order to attain the client’s need for an attractive and safe shower, door hardware must be chosen appropriately. The thickness of the glass determines the right hardware to be chosen and installed on the door of the shower.

Design Considerations

When designing shower door hardware, there are several considerations to keep in mind. They apply to all kinds of glass shower installations.Glass to glass hinges should not be fixed panels and hinge doors should be fixed on secure panels. Adhere to the weight and capacity standards set in the industry by manufacturers.Use straight wall edges when installing mount hinges.Taking precautions when installing a combination of glass to glass and wall mount hinges. Utilize standard wall mount hinges for neo-angle installations.

Types of Shower Door Hardware

We sell various kinds of hardware for door showers as mentioned before. They come in all sorts of colors or finishes, designs, styles, shapes and sizes to match any home decor and suit the specific job to be done.

Glass Shower Door Hinges

Our glass door hinges are made of solid materials for quality and durability. Some of the finishes customers can choose from include chrome plated, gold plated, nickel plated, brass plated, PVD, P&L or even S&L, among many others. The shapes of door hinges can be round, square, sharp or even rectangular in design to suit the tastes and preferences of different customers. They vary in size and can be used with glass thickness ranging from 8 to 12 mm and 800 mm in width. Glass shower door hinges can be fixed from wall to glass, glass to glass or even designed for flexibility by being adjustable.

Glass Shower Door Handles and Pulls

Handles and pulls allow homeowners to either open or close shower doors. They also come in a range of finishes, styles, designs and sizes to select from. These shower door hardware are handheld and given quality finishes that will accentuate bathrooms and add a soft touch to them.

Towel Bars and Knobs

Towel bars, just like other kinds of hardware, come in different finishes, designs as well as sizes. They are both functional to hold towels and decorative to enhance the appearance of the shower door and bathroom. Door knobs are handheld just like handles, but are circular in shape.

Whether a client chooses a knob, pull or handle for their shower door, we have the expertise needed to get the job done to satisfaction. We will install all shower door hardware to perfection and we guarantee customers will love what they see.

Commercial Glass Doors and Mirror Frames

Storefront Glass Doors We help businesses revamp their storefronts in order to create a good visual impression in the eyes of customers visiting their physical store for the first time. Custom storefront glass doors developed specifically for commercial businesses are bound to differentiate them from their competitors. Our expert craftsmen design storefront glass doors tailored to meet the specific needs of particular businesses and get them installed; the storefront glass doors are designed to match their exterior décor. The glass we use for storefronts are aesthetically attractive, secure and very strong for durability. For the storefronts we install entry storefront glass doors, aluminum framings, vestibules, panic hardware as well as door closers that are either visible or hidden. For interior spaces of commercial buildings, partitions for glass walls, storefront glass doors and sliders can be installed in offices for an attractive yet functional appearance. Mirror Frames Just like in residential homes, mirrors are used in commercial buildings to enhance the size of smaller rooms, while making them appear brighter. Some of the kinds of commercial mirrors we install include 2-way, security, workout, dressing room and even framed public rest room mirrors. Commercial mirrors are also customized in terms of size to meet the specific needs of the business or organization in question. We have a tool for making free estimates at the disposal of customers. Contact us today for more information about our glass products, installations, inspections as well as repairs. We can be reached by phone or email.

Glass Doors and Mirror Frames

Residential Glass Doors and Mirror Frames

Glass Doors

We use either laminated or tempered glass to design glass doors for safety reasons. For homeowners who need to improve the efficiency of energy in their homes, we use insulated glass for installations. Imperial Glass TX matches the needs of clients with the available types of glass in our store in Dallas in order to pick the most suitable design. An attractive bathroom can have its glass door or shower enclosure as the main point of focus. Glass is not just attractive, but also allows natural light into the bathroom. For custom glass doors, we provide the expertise needed in choosing appropriate designs and installations.

We can inspect glass doors, windows as well as screens of residential homes to help save clients stress, time and even money. This is due to the fact that it is time consuming tracking down manufacturers to replace old glass doors and windows, leading to unnecessary expenses. Imperial Glass TX can inspect and then replace old glass without tampering with the existing frames; we leave them intact.

Frameless glass doors can be used to add elegance and functionality to residential homes. We have been installing shower enclosures into homes since 2001. The thickness of glass doors vary with some being ½” and 3/8” with their application depending on the customer’s requirements, needs and style. They are available mainly in three main forms: obscure, clear or even Starphire ultra glass. Glass doors improve the looks of homes, come in various designs and styles, and increase the value of the home.

Mirror Frames

Mirrors provide an excellent way of giving homes and businesses a unique yet exciting look. At Imperial Glass TX, we do not just sell custom mirrors, but also frame them as desired by a client. Decorative mirrors can make interior spaces appear brighter and bigger due to light reflections. We give the interior spaces of residential homes a fresh and clean look with a modern touch using any of the various mirrors we design. Some of the kind of mirrors that can be used to accentuate interior spaces include vanity, door, wall, framed and beveled. They are available in various sizes customized for different clients and uses. We have an excellent reputation in the market not just for our mirror installations and repair services, but also in other glass services we offer.

Imperial Glass TX can help customers transform their sliding or bifold doors of closets into mirror doors both for functionality and enhanced decorative appearance. Mirror doors can either be frameless or framed, depending on the client’s taste and choice. However, we can also use the existing frames of a door when designing custom sliding mirror doors. We also specialize in designing walls made of pure glass, commonly known as mirror walls. Beveled mirrors can transform a room into a haven of innovation and creativity. Apart from customizing the sizes of our mirrors, we provide them to clients at affordable costs. Our range of mirror frames from Italy is tailored according a client’s specifications in order to meet their needs and intended use of the product.
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